Organizational Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs

by Laura Wallis | Follow Her on Twitter Here

OrganizationalTips for Mom EntrepreneursIs time to get organized? Easier said than done for many of us who don’t just manage our small business but, our homes too. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

First thing, ask yourself, what are your business goals for this year?

Even if you are feeling a bit behind, you CAN catch up. Promise.

Is this going to be the best year for your home business? Tell yourself it will be. Seriously… I want to hear you through the virtual screen say it out loud. Unless it will wake up a baby, of course. Then just whisper it with conviction. 🙂


Write down your goal.  Data has proven over and over again that when you write down a goal AND set a date you will achieve bigger results.

Make this the month to start accomplishing the things you wanted to at the beginning of the year. This can also be the time to focus on recharging your business.

And clearing out all the clutter and debris so you can focus and move through your tasks quickly without as many distractions is a key ingredient to your success.


Organizing can give you the fresh feeling that can really pay dividends throughout the year. You know the feeling I’m talking about. The one that actually gives you that moment where you have to stop and take a deep breath and shake your shoulders a bit.

The one common denominator mentioned in any articles/blog posts about organizing, is to make time to organize.  So put it down in your planner, if you have one.  Place it on your calendar.  Creating a plan and sticking it on the calendar can relieve your stress, too. And it’s liberating. Believe me I resisted it for awhile because I am one who values spontaneity, but creating blocks of time for organizing my desk, home, tasks… life… has really opened up time to spend on what and who I want to most.  I’m happier, my husband is happier and my kids are happier.  As Moms we have a lot of balls in the air and keeping everything organized can make or break us when things start to get busy, right?

There are many ways to start organizing your home business so let’s start with your desk or your kitchen table (yes, I know that one).  You may not have a room or spot to call home base but try your best to eek one out. When you have a space to start your day it makes it easier to set aside time to spend on your business and focus on that.  As Mom’s we have to share our time with household chores and children but there are those few stolen moment when you can take time to spend on your business – even during those busy family times. Clean out your stuff… all of it – gather all those receipts and notes from this past year and get them into a file and off your desk! Start next week with a clean desk and you will be off to a terrific year.

Ok, next!

Let’s focus on the dreaded – meal planning! I know. I have some gal friends that love meal planning and spread sheets and lists.  I am not one of them.  But, I get it. I see the dividends continue to pay off for them in spades.  Did you start this year planning to make meal time easier? But it is true that meals are the number one job of Mom’s and planning your meals can really make a big impact on your schedule, budget, and health.

There are many meal planning options out there for every person but you don’t necessarily need to purchase a meal plan to be successful.  Try writing down the meals that your family likes the most. I know this can be challenging, but let’s hope you can all agree on at least 5. My mom and dad at the same 5 in rotation for 15 years. They both worked full-time+ so that’s what they did. I am sure can do better, but 5 is better than nothing and the added frustration and expense… let alone the unhealthy and pricey choices we often end up with if we don’t plan.  Once you have 5 – 7 meals you can create a shopping list and you have just fulfilled your plan for a work week of stress free dinner time.

If having the same menu every week seems too boring, add a new recipe once a week until you get the hang of it. But honestly, I find that our family really likes the same meals, even if it doesn’t seem very glamorous.

The weather is the single most important influencer to my meal plans.  I like to add soups to the rotation when the temperatures dip down.   There is nothing more comforting than a bowl of soup to take off the chill.  It’s the easiest meal to make because it’s all contained in one dish and requires very few additional side items. Many recipes can even be made in the crock pot. And soups are the one food that  stays warm in the thermos container for lunches the next day so my kids appreciate that.

And if you have the budget and tastebuds for a prepared meal, add that to your menu rotation. Just be sure to plan for the time it takes to pick up your favorite restaurant meal or prepared meal from the grocery store.

Once you get into the hang of menu planning, you will find that shopping and cooking get easier.  Your budget will also thank you!  Shopping without a plan or multiple trips to the grocery store are a real drain on your checkbook, time and your sanity.  Start your week knowing what you plan to eat and you will find dinner time to be much less stressful and more healthy for your family.

And, if you cannot even begin to think about the task of menu planning – check out All your meal planning is done for you … this for so many women can be the hardest part of the task. My kids actually like lamb when we make the lamb tacos from the Fresh 20 cookbook.

One last area of organization that we should not neglect, is planning time for fitness. One of the most important things to make gym time a reality is making time to add fitness to your daily routine.

And working out doesn’t necessarily mean you have to join a gym. You don’t have to a gym or a fitness studio to work out.  Try going online and researching workouts that you can easily workout from home (with no equipment required). Just make sure to schedule out your small increments of workout time. And getting an accountability partner helps a lot. Even if you can’t go for a walk or a hike together you can calendar the time out with each other and check in to make sure you have each reached your fitness goals for the week. Or try an evening check in text at night or morning motivator check in text. It works!

My favorite way to stay motivated and to keep up with my fitness goals is to invite a friend to walk with me.  You can do that in your own neighborhood or there are indoor walking tracks that you can use when the weather is too blustery or rainy.  Walking with a friend helps with the tedium and motivates you to walk for longer periods of time.  Be sure that you are paying attention to your pace.  Your conversations should not be leisurely but make you a little winded.    It helps to have a friend who has the same fitness goals too.

So, let’s make this your best year yet by getting organized in your business, homes, and personal life. Let me know how you are doing and your progress. And no punishing thoughts allowed if you can’t get to each organizational task. Science has shown that people that are happy are more productive. It’s not about always about the reward at the end. It’s very much about starting out in a positive mindset when achieving success with any goal. So be kind to yourself.  You deserve it!

And if you have any favorite organizational tips, I would love to hear about them in the comments below.


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