About Me

Hello! My name is Laura Wallis.  I’m here to help fellow Moms save money, and make money at home so we can create extras for those kiddos, and that college fund.  And something for us and our partners, too!

I’m the awesomest mom ever!! I make chocolate cookies every day, and they are very healthy.


Alright- I don’t make peace, love and granola cookies every day, but they do sound good! I usually just grab the Trader Joe’s frozen chocolate chip cookies that you can toss onto the cookie sheet straight from the box- if you haven’t seen them, yet, give ’em a try. Let me know what you think when you do.

So enough about me. What about you?

Would love to hear what you are up to on these pages.  I welcome any ideas, tips and good vibes in the comments at the bottom of the posts.

Feel free to let me know what you are up to as a busy Mom. And more importantly, how I can help you?

xo Laura