Amazon Gift Registry is the Best!

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Amazon Gift Registry is the BestA couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Amazon Baby Registry. But you know what? I didn’t want you to think the Amazon Gift Registry was only for new moms – or brides. Why should they have all the fun?

Because there is something called “Wish List” that means you don’t have to be a bride or a mom to get what you want and need. Got an anniversary or birthday coming up? Or are there certain things your child wants or needs for an upcoming special event? Create a wish list!

It’s super easy:

1.  Find the “Wish List” at the top of any page. Hover over it with your mouse and it will offer you a drop down menu with “create your wish list.” If you already have one, but want to create another, you can select “create another wish list” and it will let you make a new one with an alternate name. That’s handy if you want to show some items to your husband, some to your friends and some to your family. Or, if you want to create one for a child’s birthday, that type of thing.

2.   You can name it there, under “edit list name” and then go to “edit list profile” where you can update the shipping address, date of the event for the wish list and any other preferences you want to put in there. You can update anytime, so if you don’t get what you want for your anniversary; hey, keep it on for your birthday!

3.    You’re ready to add items! As you’re browsing, you’ll see “add to wish list” on the right-hand side of each product’s page. Click away! Once it’s on your list, you can always delete it, or move it to another list. This page has some directions. You can even add some details like ‘Chelsea collects stuffed dogs and doesn’t have one of these!”

4.   Share! At the top of your list, click “share with friends’ and it will let you send it to them via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

My favorite feature? The “don’t spoil my surprises” setting. Your item will show as unpurchased, but if you try to buy it, you’ll see a warning that hmmm…maybe it’s already been bought! But don’t log into a computer without your account enabled; it only works for you in your account.

That’s it! How fun is that! And you know, I am dying to know what you would add to your wish list. Here are my top three items:

Leopard Pumps

Chandelier Earrings

A To-Die-For Bag

Do share yours below!

(And, don’t forget, I am a proud Amazon affiliate! I’d love to have you buy through my links!)


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