Best Back to School Supplies List

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back school supplies listBack to school supply shopping is a family ritual. Creating a back to school supply list and heading to the mall….and that’s when the fun begins!

The arguments over which backpack you need. The tears when the coveted lunch box isn’t in stock. The frustration over crowds and full parking lots. The hassle of returning items that you realize you didn’t need.

Oh. Actually, maybe it’s time to rethink the back to school shopping ritual and take it where it belongs – online!

We’ve found some great items that kids of all ages will want on their ultimate back to school shopping list.

  1. Backpack: We love this backpack for its jazzy stripes and on trend color. But if your student is more of a minimalist, this one comes in great classic colors.
  2. Fun pens: It’s a pen! It’s a key chain! It’s a cool hide-a-pen. Check out the whole menagerie of choices.
  3. Erasers: This set of fruit ones is awfully fun, but these White Pearls are my total faves.
  4. Binder organizer: Whether organization is their strong suit or not, this handy system will ensure all their papers are where they belong.
  5. Locker organizer: Keep their locker spick and span with this double locker shelf.
  6. Locker decorations: No one wants a boring locker! Check out these cool locker chains. Groovy!
  7. Art set: Don’t be stuck without just the right shade of green! This set has everything you need for last minute art projects.
  8. Poster board: Speaking of art projects, what mom hasn’t done a late night trip to grab a poster board? Stock up and never make the late dash again!
  9. back school supplies listSharpies: They make that poster look great; they mark what’s yours and they always seem to be lost! Keep a whole set of fun colors on hand!
  10. Lunch box: Go old school with a  Snoopy-themed lunch pail; or newly chic with a Bento Box to feed the pickiest of palates.
  11. Lunch box notes: How do you love them? Let them count the ways with these Lunchbox Love Notes.
  12. Headphones: Keep them entertained on the bus with these Apple ear buds that will tuck right into their bag when they arrive.
  13. Calculator: Get your smartie on the right path with a graphing calculator that will last….and last.
  14. Apple mug: Wanna be teacher’s pet? Why not?! These mugs are a step (or two!) above your average ‘best teacher’ mug.
  15. Really old school folder: Take them back to when YOU used to doodle the name of the cutest boy in the class with an original Peechee.

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