Best Fundraising Ideas

by Sarah Barrett

Well, it’s that time of year again…kids are back in school and the PTA and other booster clubs are sending home letters, putting up signs, asking you to come to meetings, begging you to make some calls: All in the name of fundraising!

Sure, schools still have bake sales and wrapping paper and candy sales, but since we are a nation that is #1 for childhood obesity, WHY are we allowing our kids to sell this stuff (even if it is in the name of fundraising and schools)?

One of the best fundraising ideas is The Party Book. Here’s how it works: Parents host intimate gatherings and other families and friends pay through an online service to come to the events. 100% of the money goes to the school.

There are parties for kids, for adults, for families and while you are getting to know people that you hadn’t known before, and you are learning something or doing something that you enjoy, the school is making money! That’s a win-win for everyone! One family hosted a sushi making party. They bought everything associated with the party and saved receipts for tax purposes. Everyone paid to go to the party and that “ticket price” went directly to the school.

Best Fundraising Ideas!Do you want to involve the community? A local bakery donated an all-you-can-eat dessert party for the kids at the end of the school year. The bakery got publicity, and got new business from families who may not have had the pleasure of eating their yummy cupcakes before! It also let parents know that the bakery was a supporter of the neighborhood school.

Don’t have a lot of money to host? Find a friend to co-host with you or host a potluck event at a park! Potlucks are perfect for bigger gatherings – for the whole grade. One family hosted a 4th and 5th grade kickball party in the park that was a potluck. The cost per family was $40 + an item. The host brought fried chicken and water and organized an evite for everyone to bring something else. This event was much less expensive than going to the movies with your whole family, it got everyone moving and made the school some money!

This kind of fundraiser builds up camaraderie and friendship while it raises money. People have a good time and then they want to host a party too! It’s just the kind of infectious excitement you want when you’re fundraising. At the end of the year, our school raised over $25,000. Not bad for a bunch of parties, right?

Have any tips or ideas for fundraising? Would love to hear in the comments below!

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