Biz Profile Questionnaire

Thanks for your interest in providing an history on how YOU became an entrepreneur. Here at Mom’s Gonna Find Out, I am eager to share inspirational stories on how women can create a business they can call their own! By sharing your details, you can help others.

We want to retain your own “voice,” but we also want to make sure that the posts include the information that make them informative, not just promotional. As you write your story, from the first person viewpoint, please make sure you cover all these points in as much detail as seems appropriate. We’d like to keep them to about 600 to 800 words.
Thanks again! I can’t wait to read it!

Here is a sample that one of my writer mom friends did, so you can see how she answers all the questions, but in a narrative way. Don’t worry; we will polish and edit as needed, but what we would love to hear is YOUR story in YOUR words!