Get More Quality Time with Your Family and Build Productive Habits at the Same Time

by Laura Wallis | Follow Her on Twitter Here

I’m an entrepreneur. And a mom. By nature that means I’m something else – a multitasker. I mean, how else would a working mom get everything done if they didn’t multitask? And that’s what I always firmly believed, to the point that I would pretty much discount whatever research I read saying multitasking didn’t work.

I’ve read the studies about how multi-tasking makes it harder for the brain to do either task efficiently – some researchers say multitasking can reduce productivity by approximately 40 percent.

And when I read those studies or observations, I would feel one thing – resistance. As a working mom I have always prided myself on my ability to multi task — as many of my clients do. I literally didn’t want to believe that multitasking wasn’t the answer to my productivity problems.

But the more I sat with my resistance and the more I worked through my defense, it became clearer and clearer that this in fact is the truth. And how can you argue with the truth?

It’s so tempting to want to fall back into my own multitasking hubris. But how much do we really achieve and accomplish when we do that? We can either continue our circus routine of juggling the ball again and again, or take specific and focused action towards our true and most valued goals.

Here are five things I’ve vowed to do TODAY to try to overcome my multitasking habit.

  1. I will take a break from my pinging phone when my kids come home from school and really listen to them talk about their day. (Though I might dish up their snack while I’m listening…but I won’t make a grocery list.)
  2. I will never, ever bring my devices to the dinner table, or the breakfast table. (I’ll be honest, it’s much harder for me to turn it off at breakfast than dinner.)
  3. I won’t make a to-do list during the breathing part of my yoga class.  I will breathe. I will be. I will receive.
  4. I will turn off my email and text notifications when I am working on a writing project. It’s just too tempting to wonder who or what is wanting my attention – but they can wait until I am finished.
  5. I will not talk on the phone when I’m in the car – even hands-free. I will use that time to brainstorm with myself, or listen to a great podcast.

How about you? What’s your take on the myth of multi-tasking? I know that some of the above can be counted as multi tasking (podcast while driving is okay, right?).

It’s no surprise that my list involves some kind of digital device that I need to pull away from. So on that note, I’m signing off. No, actually logging off for the day.

What about you?

Are you with me?

What multi-tasking habits do you plan to break off?

Let’s build productive habits together and get more quality time with our families. Because that’s why and who we are working so hard for, right?

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