Choosing an Affiliate Business You Can Support and Help Out Boston at the Same Time

by Laura Wallis | Follow Her on Twitter Here

Help Honor The People of Boston with a Great Tee From All Profits Donated to The One
Recently I have spent a bit of time exploring earning an income as an affiliate.  There are a lot of different options out there, but when you choose to promote a business, no matter what kind, you really need to do your research and only pick companies you feel have true integrity and share the core beliefs and values that jive with you and your audience.

If you don’t, and push the latest promoted widget to your customer in person or online via email newsletter, social media or blog post, you will lose the trust you have gained from your audience.  And if you lose that, you might as well close up shop.

So here’s what I share with you.  I know you what to make an impact and help others along with your family and immediate community. You want to help the world today and for our children’s future tomorrow. And I know, given the recent events, we all want to help Bostonians in some way  And we can.  Thankfully, there a many different ways to get support to Boston in many different forms.

Recently, as an affiliate of Commission Junction, I cam across a local business out of Boston called  As a WAHM (work-at-home Mom), I have been looking for businesses as an affiliate I trust and can support, but so far I haven’t really found a lot of them that have met my criteria.  Then I stumble across Their entire message and mission really drew me in. When I realized the owners started as two kids hawking t-shirts on the streets of Boston, and grew it into the successful business it is today with an equally empowering message of optimism, I was hooked.

Now, in light of the recent events in Boston, I want to do whatever I can to promote their t-shirts supporting Boston. And support their company and mission.

And so, for every “Boston Love” t-shirt commission I make, I will donate the proceeds to The One Fund. Check out some “Boston Love” here.  As moms, you know every bit can count.  Especially when we pull our resources together.

I know I don’t have to tell you that even in the most difficult situations, we can all contribute somehow.  Seeing how Boston has pulled together as a community, and the power and spirit of the victims and their families as been so inspiring to many of us from all corners of this world.  The optimist spirt this company continues to share is powerful,  and even though we in no way, shape or form, want to diminish what has happened, being able to contribute and take some kind of action, no matter how small, will add up.  I believe that. As we hear so often, together we can make a difference.  And we can.

Help Honor The People of Boston with a Great Tee From All Profits Donated to The One Fund Boston. Show your support.

Any other ways you know of to contribute to Boston? Please share in the comments below.

Need help choosing an affiliate network or business you want to support? Feel free to email me at for a free 30 minute consult where we can talk about the different affiliate options and networks that are available.

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