Fourth of July Family Fun

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fun 4th july ideasFourth of July fun: because this patriotic day is one of those awesome family holidays upon which traditions are built….no presents, just family, friends, food, fireworks and fun!

Here are some ideas to make your fourth of July family traditions red hot!


1. Of course you’re thinking red, white and blue…and food coloring can be your best friend. But you can also do things like blue and white tortilla chips with (red) salsa. Or fruit kebobs with banana, strawberries and blueberries.

2. But I am all about shapes too. Use a star cookie cutter for, well, everything! Sandwiches. Quesadillas. Pancakes. This nesting star set gives you a trio of sizes to choose from (star croutons, anyone?)

3. Speaking of cookie cutters, how cute are these? Would make a great decoration + dessert if you use them for cookies or Jell-O (red and blue, of course!)

fun ideas for the Fourth of July4. We all scream for ice cream, but cake can be so much more themey! Try this cake. Or this.

Just kidding; Martha Stewart not in the house.  Why not just make simple cupcakes festive with these patriotic papers.

5. Decorate your food. I love these firework toothpicks for spearing veggies, fruits, shrimp….whatever you can think of.

1. Have some old fashioned fun! Get the kids together for some favorites such as Red Rover, Red Rover; statue tag; Mother May I?, Kick the Can, a potato sack race and more.

2. Bring out some great garden party games, from lawn bowling to badminton.

3. Get the party started with some fun — but easy! — art projects. How cute are these firecracker favors?

4. Don’t forget these Fourth of July decorations, but with red, white and blue construction paper, I bet your kids can do even better!

5. Hold a parade! Use streamers to weave in and out of bike and trike tires. Decorate wagons. Put a fancy hat on your pooch! Everyone loves a flag-waving parade!

6. And don’t forget to wear comfy shoes and bring extra jackets, a blanket, flashlight, a few snacks and some water while waiting for and watching those fireworks!

Have a safe and fun Fourth! And share your fave Fourth of July family ideas around our country’s red, white and blue tradition below!

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