Home Based Business Opportunities for Moms

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Are you tired of working relentless hours on someone else’s schedule? Home based business opportunities for moms are the answer to creating YOUR dream businessHome Based Business Opportunities for Moms and life. Building your own business allows you to create your own economy – you decide how much you’ll work, and when – and how much you’ll make.

Some moms I know want to create their own business, and others are more interested in applying their talents to a business that’s already up and running. Here are some of the best home based opportunities for moms out there today.

On Your Own

Want to create your own business with something you love and are really good at?

Chances are good that others need the very business or service that you love to do. I always counsel my clients to think about things they do that others compliment them on or ask their advice on. That’s a business waiting to happen. There are two main types:

Offering services: Do other moms rave about the birthday parties you throw; the amazing way your home is organized; or the gourmet meals you keep in your freezer? Three hot businesses, right there! Many people these days are looking to outsource things they’re not good at to someone who is better at them. Is that someone you? Let them know!
Creating products: Are you the one who creates gorgeous centerpieces for your friends’ weddings, or always has the most unique piece of jewelry on that you whipped up in your kitchen? You might have a knack for creating products that others would buy. And, these days, you don’t have to rely on your friends for purchasing. Check out how easy it is to set up a store on Etsy or CraftStar. Or another great website is BigCartel for simple ecommerce. Want more features in your online site? I am such a huge fan of BigCommerce.com that I not only recommend it, but I am an affiliate for it! There’s even a FREE trial so you can poke around and get the hang of things. Try it! Just invent any old store name and play around. It’s fun!

With established sites:

And sometimes you want to spend more time doing the work and less time looking for clients. That’s where these sites come in handy: These are people who are actively looking for you; you just need to register so they can find you.

 Taskrabbit: Aren’t you always running around doing errands? Guess what? You can turn that “taxi time” into money time by signing up with Taskrabbit. This handy little site lets you target by geographic region (it’s in 18 cities) and input what you’re good at and what you like to do. Once you’ve created a profile, they’ll do a background check and then you can check out and start bidding on tasks. And it’s much more than errands, although who wouldn’t love to be paid to grocery shop or go to the post office? You can help decorate people’s homes, build their IKEA furniture, work on their photo albums, walk their dog and more. Prices vary, but for example, an average grocery store run is $35.

hiremymom.com: Now let me start off by saying that this is a membership site; it costs $99 to join. But when you realize that they are bringing qualified, vetted clients directly to you (none of that Craigslist nonsense) it could be money well spent. There is a threshold for joining too – you have to have one to two years of experience in your area of expertise. Jobs vary widely from administration to marketing to database development, human resources, ecommerce – such a great variety of opportunities. Rates I have seen typically range from $10 – 50/hour and you negotiate directly with the client, which I always find to be a plus.

odesk/eLance: These two competitors have joined forces, but they still maintain separate websites. The drill is the same though: To get started you’ll create a resume that job posters will access once you bid on a job. Though some jobs don’t pay great, in general, you’ll find some high-quality work here. Clients understand that you get what you pay for…and if they want great work, the first time around, they better pay decent wages.

LinkedIn: Don’t neglect LinkedIn as a great source of job opportunities. Make sure your profile is all set up for success, and become active in groups that are in the industry where you specialize. Not only do they have specific job boards in many groups, by being an active participant you might hear of jobs that are shared in the discussions, or just be contacted out of the blue by someone who has admired your proactive and thoughtful discussions.

Fiverr: Fiverr is a great little site that most people don’t even think about looking at, but I say why not? Are you fast at creating logos, banners, website ads and the like? Can you do online research or data entry? Why not throw your name up there? Be warned…if you start clicking around this site you will be drawn in by the crazy things people offer, from writing your name in the sand to direct messaging Justin Bieber on Twitter.

Craigslist: I mentioned Craigslist earlier, and I’m really not knocking it. There are some really great opportunities on there. Just make sure you check them out thoroughly to make sure they’re legit – and that they’re actually going to pay you.

Which brings me to a note of caution:

Remember you can never be too careful! I’m not a lawyer, but here are three tips I give the entrepreneurs I work with:

  •  Make sure you really vet who you’re working for – do an online search to make sure others aren’t reporting a scam. Check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure no complaints have been filed.
  • Use a PO Box not your home address.
  • Make sure your settings aren’t mapping or geotargeting your home by accident on your smart devices.

Need some help honing in on a business idea or connecting with more of your ideal clients with your current product or service? I work with moms who are both beginning their journey building and promoting a business or who are looking to improve their current business and life goals.

Email me at momsgonnafindout@gmail.com with any questions. I’d love to help you “create a biz you can call your own” with more time in your life for both your family and you!


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