5 Key Tips on How to Choose a Website Name

by Laura Wallis | Follow Her on Twitter Here


Looking for tips on how to choose a website name? Creating a website or domain name seems simple enough, but I have found there are definitely a few things to keep in mind before starting out.  Listed below are my favorite tips when creating a domain name.

1) Start On Paper

When coming up with names for a site I always like brainstorm a list of word combinations on paper first.  Check out a thesaurus and start playing around with different ideas.  Then go to a domain registrar like www.GoDaddy.com (affiliate), set-up a free account, and start typing out names in the search bar to see if any of your  favorites are available.  There are a lot of domain names taken out there, but don’t be discouraged.  You can add short words like “more” or “just” before another short word or add words like “cafe” or lab” after the name.  These short additions can even liven up a domain name and help you with your branding.

2) Easy To Spell and Pronounce

It is hard to get a short domain name these days (which is best), but most of them are taken.  Even it if it short, it may be very hard to understand or write out from your end user’s perspective.  So make sure your site name is easy to pronounce and spell.  Ask  friends and family what they think of your name and how they would spell it during a search.  If you find they are having a hard time understanding your name name when you say it out loud or they keep spelling it incorrectly you will need to find another name.

3) Numbers Can Cause Confusion

It’s generally best to avoid numbers in your domain title as people won’t know if they should spell the numbers out or not during a search of your site.  You don’t want to frustrate anyone right at the beginning an exchange by making them figure out if your site has a “three or 3” in the domain name.

4) Privacy Registration Or Not?

When you come up with a name that is available, think about adding privacy registration.  This is usually only about an extra 10 dollars a year. If you don’t be aware your private information will be available publicly such as your name, address, etc.  You might want to put your info out there for people to contact your easily, but you may want to make sure your phone and address are your business address and not your home information.

5) Don’t Forget To Renew

Also, domain names are registered by year so if you forget to renew, your beloved domain name may go back up for sell after a years time.  You can choose to register your name for a longer period, but remember to note when your renewal is.  GoDaddy will email you, but you might want to mark your calendar as a reminder.


So remember to have fun, and just keep in mind these simple tips when creating a domain name! Need help with how to choose a website name? Feel free to email me at laura@momsgonnafindout.com or call me at 323-801-6411. I offer a free 30 minute consult where we can go over specific concerns you may be struggling with when creating your website name.





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