Get a Move On! Six Sneaky Ways to Fit Exercise in a Busy Schedule

by Laura Wallis | Follow Her on Twitter Here

Fit exercise into a busy scheduleMany moms who work from home hesitate a bit too long during those morning hours while their kids are in school to fit exercise in a busy schedule. But then it’s hard to find time once the afternoon craziness begins. Here are some ideas to make fitness a priority — even with the kids! — no matter what how hectic your day is!

1.            Make it early. Or late.

Enjoy the beauty of a sunrise or sunset by getting out early or late for your walk or jog. I am not a morning person so getting up at 6 to hit the road is incredibly unappealing. But if I tell myself I will just do it twice a week, all of a sudden it seems possible. And even I have to admit it’s awfully lovely to be out on a gorgeous morning —  or evening! Before our days get too short, take advantage and head out after dinner while the kids are winding down and they have some solo time hanging out with Dad.

2.            Play with the kids.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B00309XR44″ locale=”us” height=”107″ src=”” width=”160″]I bet they come home from school with a ton of energy. Help them — and you — burn it off. Have you ever tried jumping rope (try a weighted jump rope!), hula hooping or playing a spirited game of chase? It can be a lot harder than you would think! It’s like an interval boot camp class. You might even get your heart rate up feeling annoyed that this is SO easy for your kids and you are crazy winded.

Another thing I like to do with the kids that’s harder than you would think is relays. Divide into teams and do different steps from one end of your backyard to the other. Make it hard: crab crawl, high knee skip, bear crawl, running backwards.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B008ZB4C50″ locale=”us” height=”131″ src=”” width=”160″]Or, how about doing a workout DVD with them? Kids would love Zumba or yoga.

3.            Go on an after school bike ride or walk.

Pick a destination which can make it seem more appealing to many kids. Head to the library or the park. Hey, if you want to stop for ice cream, I won’t tell! It’s still better than driving to ice cream!

4.            Go on a hike.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B004GN6QV4″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”89″]Take advantage of a beautiful weekend day! Google family friendly hikes in your town to find something close by. I am not above bribing my kids with M&Ms (or maybe some other treat that doesn’t melt all over your backpack like mine did one hot day!) to get them to the top. It’s also more fun if you have a lunch planned or if the hike ends at a waterfall or other natural beauty. Carry all the water bottles in your back pack to add some resistance.

5.            Play at the park.

Don’t just sit there while you take the kids to the park on a nice afternoon. Use all the equipment to get a great full body workout. Sure you might look a little funny but just think how much you prefer to look good in your LBD for upcoming parties.

Here’s an easy circuit that will tone and trim:

  • Do  10 tricep dips on a bench.
  • Turn over and do 10 pushups on the bench
  • Hit the basketball or tennis court and do 10 sets of lines (up to the free throw line; back to the baseline; up to half court, back to the baseline, etc)
  • Do 20 box jumps on a climbing platform

Repeat three times and then swing for as long as you want. They say it’s good for your core but’s just fun!

6.            Hit the high school track with the kids.

Take a soccer ball for them to kick; a scooter for them to ride or any other activity that will occupy them. Stick them on the football field while you run around the track and then do bleacher runs for extra cardio and toning.

How do you fit exercise in a busy schedule?! Tell us below!

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