How to Save Money on Gas!

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how-to-save-money-on-gasLooking for tips on how to save money on gas?

If you are like me you cringe every time you fill up at a gas station. And, one of my big pet peeves is to fill up the tank only to drive down the street and see prices $.10 cheaper than what I filled up at. I recently found this wonderful app that allows me to search for the best gas prices around my town or, even on a road trip, and I had to share with you!

The app is called GasBuddy (available on the iPhone and Android Platform) and it uses a network of over 40 million drivers to help them research the best gas prices, which allows you to save money every time you fill up.

The app works like this – just enter your zip code where you will be purchasing gas (or allow location services on your device and it will find you). The app goes to work and provides you with a list of gas stations in your area, listed by least expensive first.
You can get in on the fun by reporting prices at gas stations you are at. You earn points for each time you report . Save up those points for rewards! And, if that wasn’t good enough, each day GasBuddy gives away $100 in gas!

Here are just a few of the reviews I found on the iTunes store –

– “This app is a no brainer! The accuracy is astounding and WILL save you money. Trust me, you want this app!”

– “I love this app! It helped me find a gas station just a mile from my house that I never knew existed. This app is easy to use and saves you money.”

As of right now, gas prices are only available for the USA and Canada.

Have any tips on how to save money on gas? Would love to hear in the comments below.


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