Interior Decorator Mom: Alycia Wicker

by Alycia Wicker

Welcome to the “Mom Entrepreneur Spotlight” series of articles. Here, we’ll discuss issues related to the balancing act we all face: running our own businesses while being busy Moms!

This week’s post highlights Alycia Wicker of “Mupplebee” interior design – enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

how to become an interior decorator

While there had never been a monetary reason for me to work after having my daughter I was just getting the itch.

The itch to make money.

I have a degree in Interior Design and that is what I did when I was in the corporate world, most of the time. Although I had some adventures in engineering, I have always been into design.

While I tried to ponder how to make a go of doing design from home, I tried some other things like selling vintage toys on Etsy. Some my own and some I picked up at Thrift stores. It was going pretty good till the recession hit.

So then I decided I should try to do what I went to school for. Imagine that. So I started my own e-Decorating business. It was at a time when other interior designers were scoffing at the notion. Design online, how absurd!

You know what? I did it. And it worked. It allowed me to stay home with my daughter and make money.

But it wasn’t about the money. It was about my self worth. Knowing that I had something to still offer to the world. I know I am a VIP in my daughter’s life but to know I was helping others, that was the ticket.

how to become an interior decoratorYou see, I know being a mom is the most important job I have. I also happen to need an identity outside of being a mom and while I don’t know that “having it all” is my goal, I know that being a mom and working from home doing something that I love is all that I need to do.

I’m just not the PTA mom, the helper mom in the classroom or the plain old mom. And I need to do it to feel good. To feel productive. It’s a personal choice.

My point? Follow your bliss. Don’t care about what you think you are supposed to do. Don’t worry about what some guru says or doing what you think the world says you should. Really. If you get nothing else, do what makes you happy deep in your heart.

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