Save for College Mom: Lindsay Wallentine

by Lindsay Wallentine

Welcome to the “Mom Entrepreneur Spotlight” series of articles. Here, we’ll discuss issues related to the balancing act we all face: running our own businesses while being busy Moms!

How to save for college? This is a huge and daunting question for most American families as college tuition continues to skyrocket and the student loan crisis becomes an epidemic.  Lindsay Wallentine, our featured mom entrepreneur and her husband asked themselves this same question, and while looking for answers they came up with a great solution.

This week our “Mom Entrepreneur Spotlight” was sponsored by the ӓmco education fund, For more information, please see the end of this article.

Here’s Lindsay’s story.

Save For CollegeAfter my daughter was born my husband and I started looking into college savings products and quickly realized the need for a simple way for parents to start saving for their kids. What was also brought to our attention was that financial advisors don’t really talk to their clients about education funds because they don’t make much money on them. We just did not think that this was right! So my mathematician husband, Jonathan, developed a simple and effective product for all families to start growing their savings, and the “ӓmco education fund” was born.

Our concept is simple. If you start saving early, and put away $38 dollars a week, (which when you think about it only adds up to roughly one nice dinner out) by the time your child is 18 you could build up to $80,000 for them to put towards any type of education expense, not limited to just college tuition. The money grows tax-free as long as it is used while your child is in school, starting in Kindergarten.  The ӓmco education fund works just like an IRA for your child, except the money is used towards education expenses instead of retirement. We want all families to know that if you start now, you could save your child from the huge burden of student loan debt.  We also make it easy for family members to contribute to the fund, and even created a fun and innovative APP designed to help you watch your money grow. Saving for your child’s future doesn’t have to be a difficult, it can be simple and effective.

Personally, I love how the ӓmco education fund has brought my family together. Literally, we all have a hand in the business. Jonathan develops the products and manages the education funds while I am out on my mission to educate all parents on how to save for their children’s future. The best part is I get to do it all with my daughter Kate by my side. I also love that our product is designed to help families. I’m not selling a consumable good. It’s an opportunity to provide your child with a great head start in life.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by the ӓmco education fund. Momsgonnafindout was paid by the ӓmco education fund to have a post written. The views represent the sponsor. If you are a mom entrepreneur creating a “biz you can call your own” and are interested in sponsoring a post, feel free to contact

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kari November 3, 2013 at 8:55 pm

Again, Thank you MOM’S GONNA FIND OUT, for the awesome tips. Love the idea of one dinner out a week saved = $80,000 for college!


Laura November 4, 2013 at 12:51 am

Isn’t that amazing? One night in a month with the kids and you could save that much over time. So important to think about.


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