Summer Reading Tips

by Lee Rose Emery

Summer Reading TipsSchool is nearly out which means I am starting to look for some engaging books for summer reading for my kids. I hate to think if them losing all brainpower gained from their academics. I know it’s so important for kids to develop a love of reading early on, but finding books that kids look forward to curling up with can be a challenge. Here are 5 tips that will save you money and also help you source great book suggestions.

1) Consider the Library.
Ok, that’s pretty obvious. Go to the library, and borrow some books. But because is so easy, quick and has great prices, we often forget that our local libraries (funded by your taxes) often have great selections. Befriending your local librarian also is a great idea as he or she may be keen on new releases, and age appropriate fare for your young readers. Also many libraries have a vast selection of e-books that you can download and read for FREE. Check out what the Los Angeles Public Libraries offer. This is a great solution if you are traveling this summer and don’t want to lug around extra weight carrying books. (Especially if you are flying somewhere for the holidays – as most airlines are charging for extra checked luggage.)

2) Host a book swap
This idea of course can be as informal as trading a book with a friend or you can make it more of a community event. Book Swaps are a terrific way to save money on books. Why not add a book swap element to even a small social gathering? Have a summer barbecue and ask friends to bring a book they enjoyed to swap. I have been to kids’ birthday parties where we were asked to wrap a gently used book, then, each kid, in lieu of a junky party favor, was able to select a wrapped up book to take home. It worked great, and the kids loved having a new (to them) book to read. If you really want to expand your swap circle, there is even a very innovative web site called the Book Mooch where you sign up to offer book trades to other readers all over the world for merely the cost of postage.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B0085NXAH4″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”109″]3) Consult the Book Mama
I love this book blog written by Lisa D’Alesandro She focuses in on gender specific, age appropriate books for your kids. It’s a great resource and her recommendations have helped me choose kids’ books many times. Lisa is also the author of Raise a Reader offering effective tips about how to get kids to love to read.

4) Sign up for Book Vibe
Find out what your Twitter friends are reading. If you are a tweeter, Book Vibe is a very cool new APP that makes you aware of what books the people you follow on Twitter are reading. And when you think about it, the people you follow on Twitter are apt to have great book recommendations specifically for you as you most likely have chosen to follow them because they share similar interests.

5) Log into Good Reads
This website is like Facebook but with books. You check off categories of books that you like, rate them, recommend them, and you can also see what your friends are reading. They even have general recommendations for you to read based on your previous book choices.

Summer is the perfect time for you and the kids to snuggle up and read. Check out these resources and you’ll not only have some new ideas for great summer reads, but a few ideas about how save a little money you can spend during your holiday.

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